Back to Normal: Lydia's Story

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Back to Normal: Lydia's Story

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Two-hour surgery. Four tiny incisions. One happy Lydia.

Unable to swallow food, and barely water, for that matter, 14-year-old Lydia Morrison was diagnosed with esophageal achalasia. 

In desperate need of a complicated surgery to alleviate her life-altering ailment, her parents immediately turned to the surgeons at UW Health and American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin.

A specialist in pediatric laparoscopic surgical techniques, Dr. Daniel Ostlie performed a minimally invasive procedure using a tiny camera and instruments inserted through incisions measuring less than five millimeters in length. This technique allows patients to spend less time in the hospital and heal faster, with barely noticeable scarring afterward.

In fact, Lydia spent just one day in the hospital and left with four small Band-Aids over her incisions. Best of all, she was back to her favorite activities in no time. Remarkable.