Biofeedback Video Games Help Kids' Incontinence Issues

Pediatric Urology

Biofeedback Video Games Help Kids' Incontinence Issues

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Incontinence (Urinary)

UW Health pediatric urologists at American Family Children's Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin, provide complete diagnosis, consultation and surgical treatment in all areas of genitourinary diseases that afflict children, including innovative care for children who suffer from incontinence (bedwetting).

Incontinence and Kids

Pediatric incontinence, or daytime wetting, affects more than 10 million children nationwide. Traditionally, it has been evaluated with invasive tests and treated with a combination of medication and surgery.

But an innovative, non-invasive evaluation and treatment program for incontinence and related issues, including recurring urinary tract infections, uses education and biofeedback from computer games is to successfully treat children. The games teach children how to correctly flex and relax the pelvic muscles that control the bladder.


Our pediatric urology program is using the education and biofeedback program to help kids like Ali and Zoe Sorter, twins who struggled with bedwetting for years before coming to American Family Children's Hospital.

(Video courtesy of Big Ten Network)