Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine: Teen Self-image(Video Transcript)

Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine

Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine: Teen Self-image(Video Transcript)

Pediatrician Paula Cody, MD, of American Family Children's Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin, says parents can help teens with their self-esteem by modeling positive behavior themselves.

Video Transcript

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Image in youth - one is to model a good self-image yourself. Do not try the fad diets. Do not obsess about, "If I could only lose these 10 pounds. Oh my stomach is fat. I wish my thighs were skinnier" or "Have you seen her? She put on more weight."

So positive body image, positive body language. Also eating meals together as family and making meals a positive experience. If everyone's together, everyone's eating the same food, everyone has positive conversations, the teen will learn to associate eating with positive feelings.

Helping the teenager to be critical of what they see in the media; knowing that when you're seeing commercials that's promoting health or beauty, that's not necessarily natural. There's a lot of touchups, there's a lot of editing that goes on. When you see a commercial promoting a certain image, talk to your kid about that like how do they feel about.