American Family Children's Hospital: Remarkable

American Family Children's Hospital

American Family Children's Hospital: Remarkable

At American Family Children's Hospital, our commitment is to serve humankind through medical innovation and unparalleled compassion. We provide expertise and quality care to patients and families throughout Wisconsin and beyond.

This story begins with 3-year-old Kennedy's sick ailing heart, which was the result of a Ventricular Septal Defect (or VSD). The hole in her heart was actually diagnosed prenatally when her mom, Emily, was 20 weeks pregnant.

By the time Kennedy was born in July 2009, there were no surprises. She was closely monitored and treated with medication for two years. But, as she continued to grow, her care team noticed there was damage to her tricuspid valve. That's when it was decided that she would need surgery to close the hole.

When she had just turned 3, Kennedy underwent open heart surgery. Like all good bedtime stories, Kennedy's has a happy ending. Aside from a check-up with pediatric cardiology every few years, she should live happily ever after.


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