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Instructions for Bathing Before Surgery

Preparing Your Child for Surgery

Instructions for Bathing Before Surgery

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Tell the paging operator your surgeon's name and ask to speak to the doctor on call.

Your child needs to bathe with chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) before surgery to help prevent infection. Everyone has germs on their skin. These germs do not usually cause problems; however, surgery can increase the chance of infection which is why it is important to bathe with CHG the night before surgery.

Depending on the type of surgery, your child will get a CHG bath the night before surgery and might get a second bath with CHG when they are at the hospital.

If your child is having surgery during your hospital stay, the nursing staff will do a CHG bath the night before and morning of surgery. Your child might also receive a daily bath with CHG while they are in the hospital to help reduce the risk of infection.

If your child is coming from home for surgery, you will have to bathe your child the night before with CHG cloths. Here are the instructions for bathing; they are dependent on your child's weight.