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What to Expect Before and After Surgery

Preparing Your Child for Surgery

What to Expect Before and After Surgery

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Knowing what to expect is an important part of getting ready for surgery. Explaining what will happen before, during and after surgery is one of the best ways to help prepare your child for surgery.
At American Family Children's Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin, we will help you and your child through each step of preparation, surgery and recovery. We believe the family is part of the team caring for your child. Please ask any questions that you may have during the time that you are with us.
You may have already received the information below during your pre-operative appointments. If you were already given the following printed information, the links on the left side of this page include more information to help you prepare.
If you have any questions, or if you do not find your child's surgery listed on this website, please contact us using the information in the right column of this page.
General Information About Surgery at American Family Children's Hospital

Following Your Child's Progress During Surgery

When you are here at American Family Children's Hospital for your child's surgery, you can keep track of your child’s progress during surgery by watching the monitor screen in the Surgical Waiting Area. Your child is assigned a Patient ID number, which you will see posted on the screen. If you do not know your child’s Patient ID number, please ask a Surgical Services staff member for assistance. The monitor screen will display your child's status using color codes to help you track where your child is at in the process, like this:

Video: What to Expect