Double Your Impact - Integrated Marketing Campaign

Sick Kids Can't Wait

Double Your Impact - Integrated Marketing Campaign

The American Family Children’s Hospital “Double Your Impact” campaign was a three-month fundraising effort (November 2012-February 2013) to support the broader “Sick Kids Can’t Wait” 4-year, $32 million building project to meet the growing needs of patients and families at UW Health’s American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin.

Double Your Impact Campaign Results

The "Double Your Impact" campaign allowed donors to effectively double their gift through a match from a group of generous donors.

Double Your Impact for Sick Kids - Help Support American Family Children's Hospital in Madison, WisconsinThe campaign, promoted in concert with our community partners at UW Credit Union (at no cost to AFCH), ran from late November 2012 through February 2013, with a goal to raise $2 million. That goal was surpassed, with $2.09 million raised by the campaign's end.

About $54,000 was raised online through the website and "Double Your Impact" email communications. Online contributions included:

  • 59 donations from UW Health employees
    ($9,585 total)
  • 236 donations from members of the public
    ($44,320.50 total)
  • 97 donations from UW Credit Union members
    ($15,605 total)

Double Your Impact Campaign Materials

The matching campaign included a series of email communications, both to our internal employees and to the subscribers of our AFCH "Kids Connection" external e-newsletter. Examples:

Internal/Employee Email Series:

Help Us Reach Our Goal! (message 1)

No. of emails sent: 7,853

Open rate: 35.02%

Join Me and Double Your Impact (message 2)

No. of emails sent: 7,500

Open rate: 36.32%

Why We're Making a Difference (message 3)

No. of emails sent: 7,731

Open rate: 34.5%

Note: For UW Health internal/employee communications, we tend to average about a 38% open rate.


External/Public Email Series - "Kids Connection" Subscribers:

Make an Impact with Your Gift (message 1)

No. of emails sent: 5,505

Open rate: 15.18%

Make an Impact with Your Gift - Carson's Story (message 2)

No. of emails sent: 5,430

Open rate: 13.1%

And There's Still Time to Double Your Impact (message 3)

No. of emails sent: 5,407

Open rate: 14.82%

Note: For "Kids Connection" external emails, we tend to average about a 21% open rate.


Additional Campaign Materials: ads featuring American Family Children's Hospital patients: