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Sick Kids Can't Wait

We want to thank the following generous supporters of American Family Children’s Hospital who are providing the funds to match all “Double Your Impact” gifts to our “Sick Kids Can’t Wait” campaign.

  • Flad and Associates
  • John and Coleen Flad
  • Jim Bahensky and Donna Katen-Bahensky
  • Dr. Diane Heatley
  • Rich and Mary Lynch
  • Julie Bush Metcalfe
  • Dr. Dan and Roxanne Ostlie
  • Shine United
  • UW Credit Union
  • James and Sylvia Vaccaro
  • Drs. Arnold and Ellen Wald
  • Anonymous (4)

Additionally, American Family Children’s Hospital is blessed to have the extraordinary aid of our Development Partners Advisory Board. Members of this board, listed here, have also given generously in support of the Sick Kids Can’t Wait campaign.

  • Mark Afable
  • Laurie Benson
  • Christine Bohnsak
  • Anna Burish
  • Debbie Cray
  • Rick Fetherston
  • John Flad – Co-Chair
  • Thomas Grantham
  • Jim Hegenbarth
  • Rich Lynch
  • Gary Mecklenburg
  • Nick Meriggioli
  • Tim Metcalfe
  • Julie Bush Metcalfe
  • Jack Salzwedel – Co-Chair
  • Mark and Sarah Tauscher
  • Ken Thompson
  • Kathy Trace
  • Theran Welsh
  • Tim Valentyn