Diabetes and Nutrition

Type 1 Diabetes

Diabetes and Nutrition

UW Health pediatric diabetes resources: FruitThe American Family Children's Hospital's Pediatric Diabetes Clinic has prepared the following resource list for our patients diagnosed with diabetes and their families.


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Diabetes Nutrition Resources

Many websites offer food tracking and recipe analysis tools. These are great tools if you would like to know the carbohydrate and nutrition facts for common foods, meals or favorite recipes. These same sites may also have free recipes to try, or to compare to your favorites.

All of the following tools are free, except Calorie King, which requires a subscription.

  • My Food Advisor from the American Diabetes Association: Your Food Advisor can help you set specific goals for calories, carbohydrates and other nutrients, as well as track what you eat with great detail. The site also offers Create A Dish, which can help you calculate the nutrition content of favorite recipes. The recipe information includes carbohydrate grams per serving. Learn more at http://tracker.diabetes.org/
  • ChooseMyPlate.gov: Offers Super Tracker, a free food, fitness and recipe tool. You can use Super Tracker to see how your daily meal choices compare to food group targets and daily limits. My Recipe allows you to build and analyze your favorite recipes to find out carbohydrate content and more.
  • NutritionData.com: Has a free food search, meal tracking and recipe analysis functions.
  • The American Heart Association: Offers recipes that include nutrient content in their Nutrition Center. 
  • CalorieKing.com: Has a free food search function, but requires a subscription to use their Food Diary, goal setter, activity planner and charts and graphs.