Type 1 Diabetes


There are many tools that can help make carbohydrate counting and insulin calculations easier tasks, including apps that you can download to your computer, smartphones and iPhones.

Diabetes Technology Reviews

The American Diabetes Association reviews the latest diabetes technology annually in Diabetes Forecast

Pumps: Learn more about these devices, which deliver insulin under the skin continuously.

Sensors: Learn more about sensors, aka continuous glucose monitors, which measure the sugar under the skin.

General Apps (Carb Counting and More)

Android Apps

iPhone Apps

Devices That Interface with Apps and Systems

  • Accu-Check: Lets you send blood glucose test results to an app on your smartphone.
  • CareLink: Provides a summary of all your glucose, carbohydrate, and insulin information and gives an overview of your glycemic control (daily, overnight, and at meal times).
  • Dexcom Clarity: Allows you to upload glucose data, view the data in easy-to-read graphs, and email them to your doctor.
  • diasend: Provides easy uploading of information from most glucose meters, insulin pumps, CGMs and mobile apps so patients and doctors can share, access and understand information.
  • glooko: Download your diabetes device data to your iOS or Android device, integrate food and lifestyle data, and share reports with your care team.
  • OneTouch Reveal: The One Touch Reveal App is being used a lot for the One Touch Verio Flex meter.
  • TIDEPOOL: A variety of apps that make diabetes data easily accessible through a secure, modern platform.
  • t:connect:  A fast, easy way to display and save data from pumps, supported glucose meters and CGMs.
  • Sensors/CGM: Learn about continuous glucose monitoring

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