New Diabetes Patients and Families

Type 1 Diabetes

New Diabetes Patients and Families

Type 1 Diabetes 101

Learning About Your Care

Think you know everything you need to know about living with diabetes? Take our diabetes care quiz to test your knowledge.

Want to learn how to do things like give yourself an insulin shot or check your ketones? Check out the "Learn How To..." video series.

Your JDRF Bag of Hope

Every Pediatric Diabetes Clinic patient receives a blue backpack - we call it the Bag of Hope - which has many important resources provided by Western Wisconsin JDRF:

  • A glucose meter, which is used to test blood sugars.
  • Books:

The American Family Children's Hospital's Pediatric Diabetes Clinic has prepared the following checklist for our young patients who have been recently diagnosed with diabetes and their families.

Patient Checklist

Understand the basic information about what diabetes is and how it effects the body.

Poke finger and check blood sugar using a home meter.

Learn what foods contain carbohydrates and how to count grams of carbs.

Know how to calculate an insulin dose using carbs and a correction scale for high blood sugar.

Give an insulin injection (all caregivers and child, if appropriate for age).

Demonstrate understanding of the signs/symptoms of low and high blood sugar and how to treat them.

Review what to do differently when you are sick, and how and when to check ketones.

Know when to call the Peds Diabetes team and store the number in your phone.

Identify a way to keep meter, insulin, something to treat lows, glucagon and snacks with you at all times.