Quiz: Questions About Diabetes Care

Type 1 Diabetes

Quiz: Questions About Diabetes Care

Take the quiz below to test your knowledge about diabetes care.

When you submit the quiz, the answers to the questions will display on-screen.

What is the target blood sugar range you should aim for?


What is a low blood sugar and how do you treat a low blood sugar?

Which insulin is long-acting and when do you give it?

It's your first day of school and you are out at recess and start feeling funny – a little shaky and dizzy. What should you do?

You are about to start gym class. You will be running and active for the next hour. What should you do?

You were exhausted after a busy day and completely forgot to give the bedtime Lantus. It's midnight and dad just woke up and realized this. What should he do?

It's 2:00am and the blood sugar is 480mg/dl. What should you do?

It's breakfast time. Your blood sugar is low at 60, but you feel fine and breakfast is ready. You are planning on eating 45 grams of carbohydrates. What should you do?