Diabetes Transition Program

Type 1 Diabetes

Diabetes Transition Program

Diabetes transition program Keys to Independence: Set of keysType 1 Diabetes specialists at American Family Children's Hospital provide guidance for young patients making the transition from pediatric care to adult care.

Keys to Independence

As a way to help make a smooth transition from pediatric to adult care, we have created this booklet to help you learn more about diabetes and to take charge of your diabetes and health.

Keys to Independence: Transitioning from the Pediatric to Adult Care Team

Being Responsible for Your Care

Clinic appointments, insulin, carb monitoring. It's a lot to remember, and we can help. For those nearing adulthood, our Transition Clinic is available: call (608) 263-6420 or send a MyChart message to set up a visit with the diabetes team.

What happens when you transition to the Adult Diabetes Clinic

Diabetes, Ketones and Being Sick

Sports, Exercise and Type 1 Diabetes

Playing sports with type 1 diabetes: Two basketball playersHaving Type 1 Diabetes shouldn't stop you from playing your favorite sport or living a healthy, physically vigorous life.

Driving and Type 1 Diabetes

Learning to drive is an exciting time, and with diabetes, it should be no different. A few key steps are crucial to safe driving (in addition to wearing your seatbelt):

  • Make sure you always check your blood sugar before getting behind the wheel, and treat any highs or lows before driving.
  • Always keep a diabetes kit in the car with your supplies, including extra glucose-containing low-treatments, syringes, glucometer and test strips.
  • Make sure you have insulin and glucagon available but be careful with extreme weather - hot or cold. These can cause both insulin and glucagon to not work.


Video: Driving and Diabetes


Screening and Diabetes

There are several screening tests recommended by the American Diabetes Association including routine tests for complications of diabetes (cholesterol tests, eye exams, urine test) as well as associated conditions (thyroid tests, celiac screening test). It is also recommended that children and adults with diabetes have their annual influenza vaccine. Please ask your diabetes doctor to find out when you are next due.

Drinking and Diabetes

Traveling and Type 1 Diabetes

Traveling with type 1 diabetes: Girl on a floatation chair in the oceanDon't let diabetes cramp your vacation plans. Just make sure you prepare before you board that airplane, bus or train.

Pregnancy and Type 1 Diabetes

A healthy diabetes plan is particularly important if there's a chance you might get pregnant. Talk to your doctor right away if you are thinking of having children, if you find out you are pregnant, or even if you wonder if you might be pregnant.